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Celebrate Valentines Day

Esther Davidson is a Canadian artist living in Midland, Ontario, most of the year. She has been inspired to create ever since her painting was chosen to be displayed in the office of her High School. Since then she has had several successful private showings and requests for commissioned work. Her preferred medium is acrylic paints, but has been experimenting with watercolours recently as well.

She considers herself a free-spirit, sometimes even a rule breaker, and lets her paintings capture the essence of the freedom she feels in her own life. When painting, she enjoys the acute zone of solitude with her brushes, colours, and canvas and will easily pull an all-night session, savouring her groove without external disturbances.

Sometimes she will let her creative energy be channeled to a pottery wheel, a mural in a child's room, or special hanging ornaments, but she ultimately returns back to the love of her canvas.