Caring for the homeless, street-involved youth, seniors, new immigrants/refugees, single mothers and individual/families in need and/or living in poverty across the GTA.


Provide the means to clothe, feed and offer help to those in need on the streets and in our communities through weekly outreaches.


Help enable a better outlook in the day to day lives of the people we serve. INSPIRE them to be the change and make an IMPACT within their communities.

Next Steps...

Become a monthly supporter, for as little as $20/month will help make a difference. Give HOPE to those in need.

Individuals, families and businesses that have may have items to donate - please don't hesitate to contact us at 416.834.7736 or to arrange pickup. Thank you for making an IMPACT.

Join the Team

COVID-19 UPDATE (Volunteer Driver and Driver Assistant Opportunities ONLY)

With the ongoing pandemic and increase in weekly outreaches, we are currently looking for reliable volunteer Drivers and Driver's Assistants with a weekly commitment of 3-4 hours.

Consider donating a gift and help make an IMPACT today and give HOPE tomorrow.